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Name :                         Dr. Amaresh G Hombal


Address :                     The Imaging Centre at the Medical Pavilion 

                                    # 72, Collins Avenue,

                                    Nassau. N.P. Bahamas


E-mail :               


Date of Birth :             1st June 1979                           Work Phone No : +1 242 502 9658





I am a Consultant Radiologist with MBBS, MD qualification with over 6 years of clinical experience, presently working in the Bahamas. I am also ECFMG Certified. I have worked in a Medical School as an Associate Professor for more than 5 years in India.      


I also have a good academic track record and have been involved in many research projects and publications. I have excellent knowledge of computers and have designed many applications in the past using DBMs. I also have basic knowledge of C and C++ programming.



Courses completed      Year                                 Institution/ University                                      

MBBS                        04/2001                  Mysore Medical College / R.G.U.H.S.


M.D. (R.D.)               10/2006                  J.J.M. Medical College / R.G.U.H.S.                   


FRCR I & II      12/07 & 09/08               Royal College of Radiologists, UK


USMLE I & II            12/12                    ECFMG    




Medical Licence/Registration :


Authority: Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) Registration no 63343  

Medical Registration recognized by the Medical Council of India.


Awarded 3rd Rank in the University MD Radio-diagnosis Postgraduate Examination





Consultant Radiologist and Manager


Period:  July 2011 to Present


Name of the Diagnostic centre:  The Imaging Centre at the Medical Pavilion Bahamas


Consultant Radiologist and Manager at the Imaging Centre of the Medical Pavilion Bahamas, which is equipped with 16 slice CT scan, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound with doppler, and Conventional X-ray machines



Assistant Professor & Associate Professor


Period: December  2006 to November 2010  – Assistant Professor

             December 2010 till  June 2011           – Associate Professor


Name of the Institution:  SN Medical College, Bagalkot, Karnataka.


Experience in reporting radiographs, US, CT, and MR imaging. Conducted various undergraduate teaching programmes in the department of Radio-diagnosis.


Part of various academic and research/clinical trials.



Director & Consultant Radiologist


Period: December 2007 to May 2011.

Name of the Diagnostic centre:  Gadag Scan Centre, Gadag, Karnataka.


One of the founder directors of this Multimodality Diagnostic Centre with USG, Color Doppler, Computed Radiography and Spiral CT imaging mainly providing administrative services and time to time

interpretative services.



Consultant Radiologist


Period: December 2006 to July 2007.

Name of the Institution:  Teleradiology Solutions, Bangalore, Karnataka.


Experience in reporting radiographs, US, CT, MR and nuclear medicine imaging.

Expertise in handling and maintaining the Teleradiology softwares. 

Part of various academic and research/clinical trials.

Composing all the reports independently.









Research paper as Postgraduate in the Department of Radio-Diagnosis for MD Degree was “Placental Thickness – A sonographic parameter for estimating Gestational Age”.

The study period was 2 years and included 250 antenatal cases.



Hombal, A., Hegde, K. and Narvekar, V. (2007), Cemento-ossifying fibroma of mandible. Australasian Radiology, 51: B176–B179. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1673. 2007.01789.x

Hombal AG, Narvekar VN. Leigh's disease (subacute necrotising encephalo-myelopathy)-a case report. Indian J Radiol Imaging 2005;15:217-9

Hombal AG, Bansal S, Hegde KK. Radiological quiz - head and neck. Indian J Radiol Imaging 2005;15:561-2.

Hombal AG, Hegde KK. "Giant haemangioma of the scalp - a case report. Indian J Radiol Imaging 2006;16:41-3

Padma N, Venkat H, Nagendra K, Hombal AG, Hegde KK. Radiological quiz - thorax. Indian J Radiol Imaging 2006;16:261-2




1. Meka S, Hombal A, Kalyanpur A, Daftary A. Radiation dose in Emergency Radiology:  Is it just a head CT?

   Presented at RSNA 2007, Chicago, IL


2. Radiological Changes in Hands and Feet in Leprosy – A study of 50 Cases.

    Presented at 58th Annual IRIA Conference – 2005, Agra, India.


3. Pneumatic Reduction of Intussusception in Infants.

    Presented at 22nd Annual State IRIA Conference – 2005, Mangalore, India